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In the video programme, writers discuss with librarians the benefits of extensive reading and promote quality books of different subjects from “Librarians’ Choice” to help readers broaden and deepen the scope of their reading. They also share with readers the services and vast collections of the Hong Kong Central Library (HKCL) and make known in advance a series of celebration activities for the 20th anniversary of the HKCL.

In the first episode of the video programme, Sports and Travel writer Ho Hoi-to and librarian Yau Wai-kit, enthusiastic about sports, travel and reading, exchange the benefits of extensive reading in a light-hearted manner. They also recommend quality books on Travel, and Sports and Fitness from “Librarians’ Choice”. What’s more, they explore with readers the Map Library and the Language Learning Centre in the HKCL.

In the second episode, fantasy novel writer Sze Kwan and senior librarian Li King-yin share with readers the quality books on Adult Chinese Fiction from “Librarians’ Choice”. They also introduce the Hong Kong Literature Room and Rare Book Reading Room located on 8/F of the Hong Kong Central Library, as well as the Book Repair and Conservation Room, which is not open to the public in normal. The process of repair and conservation is demonstrated in the video.