This webpage aims to promote extensive reading in the community, with a view to cultivating a high-quality reading culture in Hong Kong. "Librarians’ Choice" introduces good reads, and "Readers' Pick" provides popular books among readers. These selected books will also be displayed in the selected libraries in 18 districts. For the dates and venues of the roving book exhibition, please click here.

Librarians' Choice

Extensive reading helps us acquire knowledge and brings joy to us. The librarians of the Hong Kong Public Libraries update the book list every quarter, and introduce and share high-quality reading materials on various subjects, discovering good books together with readers. Let’s immerse ourselves in the pleasure of reading.

Readers’ Pick

In addition to the sharing of good books by the librarians, we will display some of the popular books that correspond to the subjects featured quarterly. Let’s take a look at what the readers’ favourite books are.