Through the “JoyReadClub” platform, readers can access locally published Chinese e-books from three collections: “JoyReadClub”, “Scholar World” and “Total Wellness”. The e-books cover a wide variety of topics and are suitable for readers of all ages.


FunPark provides e-books in traditional Chinese characters suitable for children aged 3 to 12. Apart from animated stories narrated in Mandarin, there are other forms of content such as interactive games and poetry recitation, through which children can learn more about mathematics, general knowledge, idioms and poems. You can read the e-books online or download them to mobile devices through the FunPark app.

OverDrive eBooks provides access to different varieties of English e-books, which include best-selling novels and a wide spectrum of non-fiction books. Readers can read the e-books online or download them to their mobile devices for offline reading.

More e-books are available on the website of the HKPL. Please click here