Online Reading Activities

In addition to regularly organising a wide array of extension activities in various districts of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) also hosts many online reading programmes, allowing readers to enjoy reading anytime, anywhere without being restricted by physical space.

15-Minute Read

With a wide variety of articles on the event website, the programme encourages reader to cultivate a daily habit of reading for 15 minutes and enjoy reading anywhere at any time. (Content in Chinese only)

Voice & Move Parent-child Storytelling

The video series shares storytelling tips through voice and body language, transforming the one-way storytelling to an interactive learning activity between parents and kids, so as to uplift children’s interest in reading.


Classic stories and winning works of Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese (Children's Picture Stories) are presented as animated videos, narrated by HKPL’s Story Ambassadors. (Content in Chinese only)

Sand Art Storytelling

Enjoy the stories A Loyal Dog Named Hachiko and The Happy Prince with sand art. (Content in Chinese only)

Enjoy Reading, Value Playing

Explores new ideas in fairy tales to create handicrafts with small items while enjoying the fun of reading.

Subject Talks Review

The collection contains audio or video recordings of subject talks on a wide variety of subjects, such as social science, culture, art, health and science.