Hong Kong Library Festival 2021

Amidst the ups and downs of life, thank you books for always being there for us, bringing us joy and pleasure, inspiration and enlightenment, hence relieving us from stress and anxiety. By taking up the theme of “Joyful Reading.Libraries for You”, the 3rd Hong Kong Library Festival shows its determination to pass down the joy of reading and to connect with readers at every corner. With on-site interactive activities, multimedia arts exhibition and numerous online programmes, it further explores the various possibilities of reading with everyone.

Feel in the ______Interactive Exhibition

The exhibition brings you five AR interactive experiences through the story, presenting the precious documents and library collections. Readers can feel different ways of reading.

It All Begins with a Word

Curated by media artist Hung Keung, this multimedia art exhibition enters the Central Library this year. It brings the audience the renowned works of local writers in the 1960s-90s by moving image and dance.

Do it [email protected] Relief Library

In the 3-episode video series, Do Do Cheng, librarian of the “Woes Relief Library”, will recommend good reads to help you relieve woes and anxiety. 


Take a Break eReading Corner

30 Chinese e-books are selected each month, covering topics like healing your mind and soul, slowing the pace of life. You can borrow them without making a reservation.

Pick books with a Facebook game

Get book recommendations and find out the similarities in disposition between you and prominent literary figures by completing a “psychological test”.

Instagram filters that may relieve anxiety

Designed with quotes from Chinese e-books with illustrations by local illustrator Lam Pei, this set of filters aims to inspire readers to relief anxiety through reading. 

“Author Online” Reading Club

Local authors Su Hei and Annie Chiang will share book choices on different topics and reading experiences online. (In Cantonese)


Talks and Workshops on Multi-skilling Development

Local illustrators will share their experience and insights on becoming a slasher, and some tips on how to become one. (In Cantonese)

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The Hong Kong Library Festival offers many other activities online and offline, such as talks, workshops and storytelling sessions. Please click here for details.