“We never tire of the friendships we form with books,” Charles Dickens once said. Reading is not as static as one might think. When we read, we form a relationship with a book and let it influence us. Reading, like exchanging ideas with friends, keeps our minds inquisitive by offering us opportunities to gain fresh perspectives from others. Books may not present solutions to all the problems we encounter, but they shed light on our lives by unleashing our creativity and expanding our imagination. The Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) has been walking alongside Hongkongers for 60 years.

With our vast collections for all to enjoy, we strive to spark your curiosity to probe more into various disciplines of knowledge. In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we invite you with the “life/LIBRARY” campaign to explore the multifaceted aspects, or SLASHes, of life
, where one can find passages of infinite possibilities to rekindle the joy of reading. One of the highlight programmes that enables you to embark on an inspiring reading journey is the 60 e-books selected by librarians, which cover a wide range of topics: love, personal growth, career, family and creativity. What’s more, the annual “4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition” encourages children and youth to enrich their lives through utilising library resources. Speakers of the "Meet-the-Authors" talk series also recommend 60 books that influenced them greatly over the course of their creative lives. Life is like a box of chocolate, so are books. You never know what you will get from our ventures with them. Let’s savour the flavours of life, and relish the joy of reading together.